A PRO-H Series

A PRO-H Series

OUTDOOR HD Curved Corner LED Screen


Our Design


A PRO-H Series
Customized Design

Support customized 90°screen or Curved screen, make whole screen seamless splicing

A PRO-H Series
Saving Transportation Costs & Supporting Structure Costs
Flexible Size 500mm*1000mm 500mm*750mm 500mm*500mm Light Weight Weight: 34KG/㎡ Thickness: 80mm
A PRO-H Series
Platform Design
Shareable Components HUB and Power supply Same Panel Design Easy to make the stock and renew the screen Various Pitches 3.9mm 4.8mm
Fast cooling technology
Module and Power supply increase heat loss area with heatsink, so as to achieve the best cooling effect. Metal material up to 90%. Don't contains Any Plastic.
Energy Saving
Thanks to the updated PCB, ICs and power supply design, energy-saving than traditional outdoor screens;
Model    A3Pro-H ( P3.91)    A4Pro-H  ( P4.81 )
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.91 4.81
Brightness(nits) 5000~6500 5000~6500
Refresh Rate(hz) ≥3840 ≥3840
Cabinet Size(mm) 500*500 | 500*750 | 500*1000 500*500 | 500*750 | 500*1000
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum
Power Consumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ 650/195 650/195
Cabinet Resolution Pixels 128*256 104*208
Pixel Density Pixels(㎡) 65410 43222
Maintenance Type Front & Rear
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