Mars P5-169”(Single Side)

Mars P5-169 inch Single Sided

Ready to Use Outdoor Advertising LED Screen


Easy Maintenance

Whole screen can be maintained from the front or rear freely

Mars P5-169”(Single Side)
IP66 Protection Level

Built to withstand the most outdoor demanding elements with IP66 rating, the panels are suitable for most outdoor applications

Mars P5-169”(Single Side)
Level 12 Wind Resistance

Ensure that there are no hazards such as casualties caused by LED display falling, stable and safe.

Mars P5-169”(Single Side)
Simple Operation

4m frame included, additional available.

No need to solder, only screw fixing.

Smart  Control,  Easy Operation

Equipped with timing switch, remote control, remote communication, power monitoring , no need for special person to run the computer every day, easier operation and labor-saving.

Smart Automatic Brightness Control

Showing high brightness display effects for daylight, and automatically switch to low brightness for night.
saving power consumption and more environmental-friendly.

Model     Mars P5-169inch Single Sided
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5.7mm
Brightness(nits) 5500-7500
Refresh Rate(hz) ≥3840
Screen Size(mm) 3840x1920mm 
Screen weight(kg) 960Kg 
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Power Consumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ 235 / 700 W/㎡
IP Rating IP66
Life Span(hours) 100000
Maintenance Type Front & Rear
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