Mars P5-169”(Double Side)

Mars P5-169 inch Double Sided

All in One Package Double Sided LED Display


Double Sided LED Billboard

providing two viewing sides, which can attract more passerby from both sides of the display, maximize the advertising effects.

Mars P5-169”(Double Side)
Easy Maintenance

Whole screen can be maintained from the front or rear freely

Mars P5-169”(Double Side)
IP66 Protection Level

Built to withstand the most outdoor demanding elements with IP66 rating, the panels are suitable for most outdoor applications

Mars P5-169”(Double Side)
Level 12 Wind Resistance

Ensure that there are no hazards such as casualties caused by LED display falling, stable and safe.

Simple Operation

4m frame included, additional available.

No need to solder, only screw fixing.

Smart  Control,  Easy Operation

Equipped with timing switch, remote control, remote communication, power monitoring, no need for special person to run the computer every day, easier operation and labor-saving.

Model     Mars P5-169inch Double Sided 
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5.7mm
Brightness(nits) 5500-7500
Refresh Rate(hz) ≥3840
Screen Size(mm) 3840x1920mm x 2 sided
Screen weight(kg) 2000Kg 
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Power Consumption(Max/Aver.)w/㎡ 235 / 700 W/㎡
IP Rating IP66
Life Span(hours) 100000
Maintenance Type Front & Rear
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