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Creative Flexible Curved LED

Imagine the possibilities. Make Your Own LED Displays

Customize your own LED Display

Ever have a crazy idea on how to design your screen to look uniquely? Flexible LED Display helps to transform your screen into any irregular and attractive shapes that can engage your audience more effectively.

What is a Flexible LED Video Display?

 indoor flexible LED video display can be bent to produce curved shapes. It is easy to install and front accessible for a convenient troubleshooting process. Available in fine pixel pitches starting from P1.2 to P4 , high resolution can be achieved to produce superior quality images and videos. A lightweight, agile, and easy to maintain . so it is the ideal choice for your next innovation.

                                                 Column Cylindrical Flexible LED Video Walls                                                                                                Tree Trumpet Cured Flex LED Wall

                                                        Ribbon Wave Type Flex LED Displays                                                                                                     Other Type Flex LED Displays      

What is the applications ?

Thanks to its customized shape design, the curved flexible led screen can be widely used in museums, TV Station, Hospital ,Exhibition Hall, planetariums, science museums, children's palace, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, lounges, hotels, large open spaces, train stations, ports, shopping malls, bars , Metro Station and other places.

What is the advantage of Flex LED Screen Panels?

Customisable -Enhance an irregular surface can be converted into a creative canvas, for e.g. a wave-like ceiling, a twisted cube, a curved wall, etc. This bendable LED display can be customised to take any shape and form factor;
Concave And Convex Shapes-Flex can be wrapped around cylindrical structure to create a stunning an overhead display in retail spaces or on a wall with an inner curve to create an elegant curved backdrop display.
Taking up smaller space- The structure of curved LED screens makes it take up smaller space to show entire images and videos, saving you room and cost.
Colorful and rich display effects-LED display screen can present colorful images and animation effects. This makes it widely used in advertising, art exhibitions, performing arts and other fields.
Long life and stability- LED displays have a long service life and can usually last for more than tens of thousands of hours. In addition, LED technology has high stability and is not easily affected by the external environment, ensuring long-term reliable operation.


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