TV-U Series

TV-U Series

2K 4K Smart All-in-one COB Touch LED TV Display


Various Type for Different Scenarios
TV-U Series
High Stability with COB Technology

Super protection, super reliable touchable and
stunning display

TV-U Series
Interactive Touch

10-point multitouch screen, 1mm high-precision positioning, fast response 9ms delay, smooth writing.

TV-U Series
Various Buttons

ON/OFF;  Standby ;   Brightness adjustment; Volume adjustment;
Infrared induction;    Dual Wi-Fi;  Switch the signal source;  Bluetooth

Wireless Projection with Multiple Terminal

Supporting multiple terminals including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and different platforms of Windows, iOS, and Android.
it can quickly realize wireless projection, and can also divide the screen into four (4) parts for separate projection.

Remote Video Conference

Efficient Conference, support Tencent conference,  Huawei conference and other third-party conference software, Support external microphone, camera devices

Model 81 inch 108 inch 135 inch 163 inch 163 inch
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.9375 1.25 1.5625 1.875 0.9375
Resolution(W*H) 2K(1920*1080) 2K(1920*1080) 2K(1920*1080) 2K(1920*1080) 4K(3840*2160)
Type Interactive Touch
Screen Display Size(W*Hmm) 1800*1012.5 2400*1350 3000*1687.5 3600*2025 3600*2025
Color Depth(Bit) 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit 16bit
Refresh Rate (Hz) 2880Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 2880Hz
Contrast Ratio 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1
Brightness(nits) 300~600 300~700 500~800 500~800 500~800
Max/Ave Power(W) 1500W/500W 2600W/900W 4200W/1400W 6000W/2000W 6000W/2000W
Lifespan (H) 100000Hrs 100000Hrs 100000Hrs 100000Hrs 100000Hrs
Control Interface ON/OFF; Standby; Brightness adjustment; Volume adjustment; Infrared induction; Infrared induction; Dual Wi-Fi; Switch the signal source; Bluetooth
Install/Maintain/Maintenance Stacking&Wall Mounted/Front
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