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We are here to help!

Drop by Canbest LED anytime with questions, to learn more about out what we do, or to discuss further for your specific led display project!



  • John

    Sales Director

    John has been Sales Director of Canbest LED since 2012.he is professional at Major project negotiation and proposal
  • Sales

  • Rico

    Sales Manager

    Rico is a recognized business experter with more than 5 years experience of LED Display. efficiency mean everything.
  • Sofia

    Sales Manager

    Sofia specialized in all permanent installation solution, especially for the indoor Chain Store advertisement project
    "The hard work we put into our clients' businesses shows each time we get a new, happy testimonial."
  • Lisa

    Sales Manager

    Lisa is good at the solution of indoor & outdoor rental complete packs.
    "I enjoy talking to my client, i treat eveyone as friend. win-win is the always pursue of mine" 
  • Marketing

  • Yoky

    Marketing Manager

  • Technical

  • Mike

    Technical Director

    Mike has been in LED Display industrial for more than 15 years. he has plenty of solutions proprosal and installations.
    You can totally trust him!
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