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Learning More About VIRTUAL PRODUCTION LED Wall Screen
Newest Technology & Most Popular Application of LED Screen! 
Virtual production led wall is the new video production technology utilizes large space fine pixel LEDs for a remarkable display and is an upgraded wall alternative to green screens. Most people will use XR studios, led volume stage, led cave ,virtual production led wall, studio led wall also refers to this effect Through the efforts of real-time rendering engine and camera tracking system, high-quality 3D scenes are projected onto the LED wall. The virtual scenes can be adjusted by the real-time rendering engine and the cameras, lights and other related equipments around the LEDs can be changed at the same time. After perfect setup, actors can perform in front of the LEDs behind the relevant scene props to achieve the "what you see is what you get" movie production effect.

and now they are widely used for ad producers, film making company, post production studio, live stream platfroms, and intergrators for film making, broadcast, live gaming and virtual vocal concert

The Avandatges of Virutal Production (XR)  -take film-making as example

Saving the filming cost from real scenes taking
This technology enables the surrounding scene to be switched quickly, without the limitation of time and space, to real-time edit and control the scene content. It dramatically enhance the effectiveness of scene switching, simultaneously, decrease the filming cost and pollution caused by movie
Shortening the film production cycle
This technology shortens the workload and time of film post production, as well as the filming procedure cycle. Comparing to the traditional green screen, it improve the effectiveness of total filming procedure
Improving the filming quality
This technology provides the immersive filming experience on the set, making both directors and actors actually have a vision of virtual scene content  to both better performances of filming and acting, therefore improve the total filming quality.

XR Stage or Virutal production led volume workflow

What you may concern about Virtual production led wall solution:

Our Solutions for Virtual Productions

Types of Virutal Production LED Cave Wall Display

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