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Subvert Your Cognition, Feel Unreal Reality!

Learning More About VIRTUAL PRODUCTION LED Screen
Newest Technology & Most Popular Application of LED Screen! 
Immersive experience is a brand-new online celebrity experience format commonly found in entertainment and education industries. It changes the traditional passive experience of thinking projects, through the introduction of scenes, multi-sensory surrounds, interactive narrative techniques, social needs realization and self-discovery and other wonderful ways. Allow participating consumers to be away from the real environment in time. Immerse yourself in an environment like cinema,movies, games or dreams,virtual production, filming.
So many projects in scenic spots, parks, characteristic towns, or commercial spaces will be labeled "immersive". These projects brought the audience a multi-sensory experience of hearing, vision and touch with rich technical means.with CAVE immersed fusion technology, which distributes conventional flat images to the LED screen. At the same time, the unique three-dimensional camera distribution makes the LED screen picture conform to perspective, breaking the screen limit, and can be extended indefinitely. The constructed three-dimensional visual space is consistent with the real environment, and the large-scale field conditions It can make the content form a 1:1 visual experience, and the high-definition resolution picture quality is perfectly restored, as if being on the scene.
So for cave led display, it requires a multi-sided immersive environment that offers great levels of immersion. we customized cave displays can have any number of sides, ranging from two to six, in any size you want. Furthermore, caves are completely customizable to your specific demands, and can be a fixed or transportable installation with rigid or flexible screens.

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