TOUCH Series

Touch Series

Smart COB Touchable LED TV Display


Micro LED with COB Encapsulation
TOUCH Series
Writing Board

4 functions of writing, erasing, saving and transferring, making meeting records easy and simple, just scan QR code to take away your files.

TOUCH Series
Built-in Dual-system Android/Windows

Can be switched smoothly, and APPs are all compatible

TOUCH Series
10-point Multitouch Screen
Wireless Projection

4 major systems supported: Android, IOS, MAC OS, Windows, which make wireless projection fast and efficiently, 9-screen simultaneous projection supported, and wireless screen projector included.

Video Conference

Cross-platform video cloud conference supports hardware conference terminal access. .

Model Touch-110” Touch-138”
Screen Size 110inch 138inch
System Android 8.0 Android 8.0
LED Type COB Package COB Package
Brightness 450cd/m²   450cd/m²  
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz
Audio and video output HDMI OUT*1,3.5mm Earphone*1(SIDE) HDMI OUT*1,3.5mm Earphone*1(SIDE)
Touch output USB-B*1(SIDE) USB-B*1(SIDE)
Data input and output USB3.0*1,USB2.0*3(FRONT) USB3.0*1,USB2.0*3(FRONT)
Network Interface LAN*1、Dual frequency WIFI*2(Support wireless hotspot) LAN*1、Dual frequency WIFI*2(Support wireless hotspot)
Built-in system Android/Windows dual system Android/Windows dual system
Install/maintain Wall hanging, mobile bracket (optional), base (optional) /front service Wall hanging, mobile bracket (optional), base (optional) /front service
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